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Medicaid Planning Lawyer in Toledo

People realize that nursing homes are expensive. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that there is an alternative to spending all of your resources on nursing home bills or spending down assets in order to qualify for assistance.

At Mock Law, L.P.A., I work with individuals, couples and families to find creative solutions to dealing with the cost of long-term care. This often involves advanced Medicaid planning, the practice of structuring assets in a way that safeguards them while ensuring a patient qualifies for Medicaid benefits.

Navigating The Look-Back Period

Ohio looks back five years to gauge the level of assets to calculate when considering Medicaid eligibility. Engaging in planning more than five years before the need for long-term care arises is the best way to maximize the benefit of Medicaid planning. However, there are actions I can take as your lawyer to reduce the look-back period and minimize the penalties for making transfers within this period.

It Is Not Too Late To Speak To An Elder Law Attorney About Medicaid Planning

When it comes to Medicaid planning and other forms of long-term care planning, earlier is better. But it is never too late; Medicaid planning can even occur once a person has already entered a nursing home. To find out how I can help you achieve the best outcome in your situation, contact my Toledo firm anytime. Phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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