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Ohio Mother Listed on Birth Certificate Might Lose Parental Rights as Same-Sex Marriage Ends

When both members of a married couple are listed as parents on a child’s birth certificate, it seems self-evident that both will retain parenting rights even if they divorce. A Warren County woman who has shared in the raising of a young boy since he was born in 2017 is learning that this might not […]

Dissolution vs. Divorce in Ohio: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Married couples in Ohio who are considering a breakup have two legal options: divorce or dissolution. While both result in ending the marriage, the processes are very different. There are benefits and drawbacks to each, which depend on the particular circumstances of the couple involved. Dissolution is a more amicable, less time-consuming and less expensive […]

Unmarried Father Who Failed to Establish Paternity Cannot Stop Adoption

Unmarried men who become fathers cannot rely solely on their biological ties to establish themselves as legal parents. While married men are presumed to be the legal father of the infant when their wife gives birth, those who are not wed must register with Ohio’s Putative Father Registry no more than 15 days after the […]

What Are Distributive Awards in Ohio Divorces?

Dividing property in a divorce — which is formally known as equitable distribution — generally applies only to marital property, which means assets acquired by either spouse during the marriage. However, there are circumstances when an Ohio court may order transfer of separately owned property from one spouse to the other. This is called a […]

Can Child Support Be Modified After a Firing for an Inappropriate Comment?

Child support in Ohio is based, in part, on each parent’s income. Of course, an unexpected firing or decrease in work hours can sharply reduce the amount of money that a parent is earning. In these cases, state law allows for modifications to be made based on a parent’s involuntary unemployment or underemployment. However, disputes […]

Pros and Cons of Legal Separation in Ohio

When a married couple is going through a period of difficulty and it feels like the relationship is no longer working, divorce may seem like the only answer. In Ohio, however, couples have another intermediary option between marriage and divorce. They can choose a period of legal separation to evaluate whether the problems in their […]

Gray Divorce Can Take a Financial Toll on Women

Over the past couple of decades, one of the most significant family law trends has been the phenomenon of gray divorce. This term is used to describe the phenomenon where middle-aged spouses, who might have been married for 20 years or more, decide to go their separate ways. In many cases, these breakups seem simple […]

Ohio Bill Would Create Presumption in Favor of Equal Shared Parenting

Traditionally, divorce courts have favored granting child custody to only one parent, giving them most of the parenting time with their children and, often, exclusive right to make decisions for the children, leaving the other parent with only scheduled visitations. The result is often that the children fail to maintain close relationships with the non-custodial […]

What Advance Medical Directives Should I Have in Place If I’m Concerned About COVID-19?

Though it’s always been true, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven home the point that a debilitating medical condition can strike without warning. Whether you’re fighting the coronavirus or are incapacitated for some other reason, your wishes regarding medical treatment should be honored by family members and healthcare providers. An experienced attorney can help you put […]

Communicating With Your Ex About COVID-19 Custody Issues

During a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, family becomes more important than ever, especially for children whose schedules have been disrupted by long-term school closures and the cancellation of other activities. Parents who are divorced or live apart for other reasons know the importance of maintaining healthy communication through difficult situations. Though this situation […]