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Accomplished Toledo Divorce Lawyer Protects Your Interests

Dedicated Ohio law firm provides personalized help when a marriage ends

At Mock Law, L.P.A. in Toledo, I focus my energy and resources on helping spouses safeguard their interests and preserve their dignity during the divorce process. Serving clients in Ohio and elsewhere, I have spent more than a decade securing divorce terms that benefit spouses and their children. From start to finish, I will work hard so that you can avoid the legal and emotional pitfalls that the breakup of a marriage presents. It is normal and completely understandable for you to be worried about the divorce process and how it will affect your children and finances, but having my experience as a divorce lawyer and clinical social worker on your side can put your mind at ease and give you confidence that your interests are in good hands.

Skilled lawyer helps you understand that it’s OK to be worried

Whether your divorce is amicable or highly contested, I will work diligently to give you the best chance at a favorable outcome. My ability to help clients see past the emotions of the moment and view a brighter future is a key to my success with handling issues such as:

  • Child support — Ohio’s child support formula takes into account parental income, the number of children and what type of residential custody arrangement exists. My firm presses for appropriate rates and also represents parents in modification and enforcement actions.
  • Child custody — Even when other parts of a divorce are disputed, I strive to help parents reach effective child custody agreements whenever possible. By working closely with clients, I develop proposed solutions that meet the physical, emotional, educational and social needs of young people.
  • Separation — If you’re not ready for divorce for religious, financial or other reasons, my firm can advise you about legal separation in Ohio.
  • Spousal support — Sometimes referred to as alimony, spousal support is awarded by Ohio courts based on an examination of 14 factors. I explain to my clients how these factors apply in their case and advocate for a fair result.

At my firm, you are more than your case, and your well-being is a priority. The reason I became a clinical social worker and then a family law attorney was because I wanted to spend my professional life helping people improve their situations. No matter how bitter your breakup might be, my firm will handle the legal details on your behalf so you have the ability to move forward successfully.

Working with divorcing spouses on marital asset division

Ohio requires most property accumulated by either partner during the marriage to be divided equally in a divorce. I will conduct a thorough review to maximize the likelihood that all relevant assets are included and valued correctly. If there is a question over separate property, such as an inheritance left to one spouse, I will assert your rights before the court.

Filing for divorce in Ohio

Either you or your spouse must have lived within Ohio for at least six months to file for divorce. You can dissolve your marriage on a no-fault basis if you and your spouse are incompatible or have lived apart for a year or more. Fault-based grounds also exist if you seek to obtain a divorce based on your husband or wife’s adultery, extreme cruelty, habitual drunkenness, gross neglect of duty (which can involve a failure to provide financial support) or other marital misconduct. Before you get started, I will go over your options and help you determine the best way to proceed.

Uncontested dissolution of marriage versus contested divorce

If you and your partner agree on property distribution, spousal support and parenting arrangements, you can file a Petition for Dissolution, which can save you money and time when compared to the standard divorce process. With the dissolution filing, you and your spouse will submit a signed marital settlement agreement for court approval. A hearing will occur between 30 and 90 days after filing and if the judge has no objection, the terms of the settlement agreement will be incorporated into the dissolution order.

My firm works diligently to reach consensus whenever appropriate, but makes sure that clients understand the potential consequences of an uncontested dissolution. If negotiation and mediation don’t lead to a fair result, I am a skillful trial advocate ready to litigate for proper terms in a contested divorce.

Contact an experienced Toledo divorce lawyer

Mock Law, L.P.A. represents clients throughout Northwest Ohio in divorce, other family law matters and elder law cases. Please call 567-200-3573 or contact me online to schedule a meeting at my Toledo office. My phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.